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It was a great pleasure to work in such environment.

23.09.2021 - Fost angajat 2021 - Full time

It is an amazing team, young, open to ideas and always eager to learn and improve. They offer great benefits and encourage you to grow and develop yourself through books, conferences, 1-on-1 meetings etc. Also, they have interesting projects that have impact in the day-to-day life. Some clients are quite well-known in the media. The work schedule is flexible which means you can have a balanced work-personal life.

Sometimes you can feel thinks are moving a little bit slow, but that depends very much on who you are and what are your expectations.

Sfaturi pentru conducere
Encourage more communication between internal departments.

Fost angajat 2021 - Full time - Bucuresti - Product Designer
Perioada de muncă: 3-4 ani.
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Professional environment where authenticity, diligence and the passion for your work is highly appreciated and encouraged.

18.03.2021 - Angajat - Full time

I've been working @ Atta Systems for 4 years, non-technical department. Every employee is truly dedicated to their work and their values. Why? Because the management is highly encouraging this kind of work conduct. And this is one of the best PROs ever. Having the freedom to express your work and communication style is such a big plus - work becomes a place where you are free to do what you are passionate about - engineering, human resources, finance, middle management, etc.

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A good place to become proficient in your field

10.03.2021 - Angajat - Full time

Good atmosphere to work in, like-minded people oriented towards new-tech and innovation and always interesting projects to work on.

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Loc minunat de lucru, oameni foarte dedicați

03.03.2021 - Angajat - Full time

Colegi muncitori si motivati; proiectele sunt cu adevarat interesante/diverse si ai posibilitatea de a creste si de a-ti asuma responsabilitatea. Pentru cine conteza locatia centrala & posibilitatea de work from home sunt un plus.

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Oferte care ți s-ar potrivi

Un loc de munca foarte fain, o echipa foarte determinata, smart.

23.03.2020 - Angajat - Full time

* Proiecte cu impact
* Un mediu care incurajeaza dezvoltarea. Am crescut foarte mult in cadrul echipei.
* Oferta salariala foarte buna
* Pachet de beneficii foarte bun

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