Softbinator Technologies is looking for AI/ML Developers who will be responsible for understanding the business problems, identifying or applying right AI to solve problems and involving in formulation and execution of technologies recipes for deployment.



  • Set up and manage our AI development and production infrastructure;

  • Build AI models from scratch and help with the understanding of results;

  • Build data ingest and data transformation infrastructure;

  • Keep current to the latest AI research relevant to us.


Requirements for AI/ML Developers:

  • Strong knowledge of software development;

  • Experience working with large codebases and open-source projects;

  • Experience working with big data; 

  • CI/CD & SDLC knowledge;

  • Experience in Java or .NET/C# will be considered a plus;

  • Experience with databases both SQL and/or No-SQL will be considered a plus;

  • Proficiency in: Python or R;

  • Experience building AI models;

  • Convert ML models into APIs so that other applications can access them;

  • Use AI to empower the company with novel capabilities.