Project Description:

  • Roadmaps enable the performance targets to be reached
  • Process and service deployment mode, standard Specifications, generic performance validation plan, calculation, tests and measurement procedures, calculation and simulation models
  • Documents required to cross milestones (performance prognostics, project roadmaps, validation plans, etc.)
  • Test analysis results
  • Knowledge-building files

Job Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to customer satisfaction by defining customer use and expectations, this is done especially by participating in the development and knowledge-building of the concerned service
  • Contribute to the vehicle's robustness when used by the customer by ensuring that the service is deployed in the innovation projects and by providing support for the service's deployment in the projects
  • Managing the performance validation plan within his metier
  • Monitoring the compliance of vehicles in the performance specifications and suggesting ways to improve performance if there is a deviation


  • Good knowledge of English
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
  • Knowledge of electronics, automation and vehicles