Descriere job

  • monitor ESB/WSO2 existing services (performance, logs, errors, optimization proposals)
  • monitor ActiveMQ (performance, availability, KahaDB, pending messages and investigation, collaboration across teams)
  • develop SOAP & REST APIs services and maintain the services after deployment
  • collaborate with IT architects to obtain the optimal solution and in compliance with security requirements
  • configure systems integration AS400 / IBM MQ and ESB/WSO2 (JNDI Directory Bindings)
  • configure systems integration ActiveMQ and ESB/WSO2
  • configure load balancer / NGINX
  • generate status reports
  • help provide new work methodologies based on the current solution
  • great collaboration across teams

WSO2 ESB Carbon


SOA/integration patterns

Soap11/Soap12(wsdl, xsd) services/endpoints


JSON, XML, XSLT, XPath, XQuery, SWIFT messages, HTML


IBM MQ - configure, monitor, administrate

ActiveMQ - configure, monitor, administrate


Load balancing (NGINX)

TLS (1way/2way)

End to end application delivery (from business analysis to production) for banking projects and functional migration services (developing from scratch new applications based on legacy ones)

We kindly inform you that we will contact only chosen candidates. If you are interested in the above position, please apply by submitting your CV in English