Descriere job has grown from a Romanian start-up into a company with over 400 employees and successfully open 5 branches in Europe (Kiev, UK, France, Germany, Bulgaria).
We offer IT consulting in the area of software services to our partners that do not have the technical skills set in-house and need additions to their current teams. We are operating on a wide range of technologies and industries.
At you will come across friendly people and a relaxed atmosphere every day. RINFers are eager to learn from each other, explore and reinvent the world of technology. We have an inspiring place to share ideas and build amazing things together.

What you will be working on

The Mission:

Want to work on algorithm optimization and acceleration solutions? Dive into a first challenge in exploring the acceleration of the Non-Maximal Suppression algorithm used by object detection neural networks such as Tiny Yolo as a first project.

What you offer us

  • Experience with Machine Learning solutions and frameworks
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in building and tuning solutions based on deep learning models-ResNet, VGG, YOLO, R-CNN; RNN- LSTM
  • Ability to work with hardware architects to understand and work with design constraints
  • Analysis of performance and optimizations for Deep Learning
  • Research and identify solutions for new problems
  • Dataset filtering/analyzing noisy data sets, validation, testing
  • Experience in mentoring teams in data science projects
  • Responsible for project and tasks planning and prioritization
  • Capability to evaluate new solutions, including open-source data science/machine learning libraries
  • BSC or master’s degree in Mathematics, Computer Science or Statistics

Technology Stack:

  • TensorFlow, PyTorch, ONNX (at leats one of them)
  • Programming and Scripting: Python

Nice to have:

  • C/C++
  • Experience with compiler technology such as LLVM
  • Reinforcement Learning knowledge
  • Experience on Predictive maintenance solutions
  • Apache TVM

What we offer you

  • Flexible working environment
  • Learning budget and platforms
  • Wide variety of projects you could be part of
  • Bonding and drinking events
  • Medical subscription
  • HR representative to guide you in your professional career development.
  • Flexible benefits platform
  • Bookster

Our recruitment processeses

  • HR Discussion
  • Technical interview
  • Offer

Meet us!

If you are still unsure, we are inviting you to come by anytime for a tour of our office without any commitment.
*All applications are strictly confidential. We will not disclose any private information without having your approval.