Descriere job

 Execute and track job postings on local sites, based on the specifications provided by the recruiter;
 Candidate screening and sourcing;
 Schedule candidates for the final interviews, according to the availability of the participants;
 Prepare offer letters and contract packages;
 Administrate the pre-employment check process;
 Conduct reference checks, as required;
 Generate reports from the recruitment system and ensure data integrity;
 Track employee referrals;
 Process invoices, create purchase orders, and answer inquiries regarding payments;
 Track and obtain documentation, data, and forms to support process and compliance requirements.

 Fluent in Italian (B2-C1 level of proficiency both in reading and writing);
 Able to communicate in English (B1);
 A University degree in HR or psychology is a plus, but not a requirement;
 Previous professional experience in HR is a plus, but not a requirement;
 Able to work full time;
 Team player;
 Attentive to details;
 Communicative and positive person.