Descriere job

Role: ERDC is seeking an experienced Workforce Management Lead to help establish and lead a new people-focused role and function within the company.


  • Reshape RM process X-D Tech existing and future portfolios, i.e. AI & Data, SAP, HC, SN, AOB;
  • Managing and facilitating various stakeholders and several local and regional projects/efforts of complex RM processes centralization and/or digitalization, from both Beneficiary role, as well as Delivery role;
  • RM Team coordination in D Tech as RM Projects Lead, as well as Career Coach;
  • Managing the centralized design, collection and reporting procedures for Business KPIs in RM area for ERDC (e.g, GDN, NSE, CE, etc);
  • Set/develop and nurture the GDN and other Deloitte internal networks within RM area for both: (a) better leverage resources/ideas in ERDC for efficiency of RM function at scalability of the business and (b) ERDC RM team integration within these networks




  • 5+ years experience in a similar role such as sourcing, recruitment, and/or project management background
  • Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Psychology, Sociology, Business or a related field is strongly preferred
  • Exceptional interpersonal, organizational, written, and verbal communication and problem-solving skills are required
  • Experience managing Cybersecurity resources is strongly preferred, but closely related IT fields such as Cloud, Networking, Data Analytics, and Software will be considered
  • Experience with Microsoft Office and resource management tools and techniques is required
  • Must have the ability to work in a dynamic environment and flexibly adapt to changing conditions
  • Must possess a high degree of originality, creativity, and initiative requiring minimal supervision