Descriere job

  • Coach the Scrum Team to higher levels of maturity, at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for the teams and organization
  • Build a trusting and safe environment where raising problems and issues are welcome
  • Adapt leadership style to team maturity
  • Empower the team to be self-organized and to experiment continuously how to improve their working processes
  • Engage multiple roles and stakeholders to facilitate technical discussions, decision making, and conflict resolution
  • Chase continuously to have a valuable increment
  • Diligently persuade the Product Owner and the Team to adhere to Scrum principles
  • Collaborate with the Product Owner to provide a clear vision and requirements to the team that describes where the Product or Service is headed
  • Communicate project status and release progress to stakeholders, including risk management, dependencies, impediments and improvements
  • Report to On-Site Manager and Delivery Manager

  • Scrum Master experience in a software development environment for at least 3 years
  • Experience in software domain (Dev, QA, Business Analyst) at least 5 years
  • PSM I certification or equivalent

Founded in 1984, Our Client is the world's leading provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry, manufacturing complex machines that are critical to the production of integrated circuits or chips. The client has its R&D and manufacturing operations in The Netherlands.

The machines have electronics units that handle the signals related to safety. The system detects if there are problems and may shut down parts of the (or the entire) machine, for safety reasons.

The project relates to the system (MBDS) that is responsible for providing a quick graphical overview why (parts) of the scanner or source have been switched off in case the human safety system interferes and where they are located, and also for acting as an interface between the safety signals electronics and other parts of the machine's software.

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