Descriere job

  • Review existing state and gain deep understanding of the project
  • Contribute to architecture and design, come up with creative ideas where possible
  • Contribute to functionality, potentially refactor select elements of the system

*4+ years of C++ experience *Experience in network programming, low-latency, sockets, Boost, TCP, valgrind, make, messaging, real-time, line handler. *Good communication skills *Domain knowledge in order management, Market Data, Equities, FIX, OUCH, ITCH, Nasdaq, NYSE, CME

Or Client is working on modernizing their applications management, deployment and monitoring stack. Big part of this is helping development teams move their applications and infrastructure to AWS. While only basic components of the AWS infrastructure are being utilized now, the initiative is getting a lot of momentum and will advance further.

Most of the near-term work will focus on:

  • Environments procurement and management
  • Applications and their deployments migration to cloud
  • Development of internal tools and utilities to support the work

We kindly inform you that we will contact only chosen candidates. If you are interested in the above position, please apply by submitting your CV in English