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- Bachelor’s Degree;
- Prior experience with AWS or Google or Azure cloud infrastructure automation and DevOps workflows;
- 2 years’ experience administering Windows and Linux environments;
- Ability to answer questions and provide customer service to team members as well as external clients;
- Ability to provide best practice approach to infrastructure deployments;
- Ability to automate management and maintenance tasks using PowerShell, Bash, Python, and/or GoLang;
- Understanding of enterprise networking – including VPN, Firewalls, ACLs, RBAC;
- Understanding of web development best practices – including source control and continuous integration/deployment concepts;
- Familiarity with concepts such as Infrastructure-as-code (IaC);

- Ability to problem solve and arrive at solutions methodically.

- 5 +years’ experience in systems and AWS administrations;
- Superlative customer service skills;
- A passion for automation and building self-healing resilient systems;
- Good written and verbal communication skills;
- Comfortable working on multiple tasks in an agile mode;
- Demonstrates problem solving skills through engineering solutions and open source tools.

- Write clean, high-performance, and well tested, infrastructure code with a focus on reusability and automation (i.e. Shell, Python, GoLang, Terraform etc.);
- Develop monitoring, define SLAs, SLOs and error budgets for mission critical platforms while helping to coordinate product launches and reliability exercises;
- Collaborate and contribute with other enterprise teams on the company’s Cloud journey, including the impact on infrastructure, networks and security;
- Work closely with Architects and provide guidance to junior staff, ensuring designs align with the technological and business directions across the company;
- Support IT deployments with involvement Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS);
- Manage central platforms as a service for growth and scale;
- Implement enhancements to the company's digital and data infrastructure, supporting internal customer's operational needs.