Descriere job

— Collaborates with the team to ensure operational performance;
— Supports the team on deployment schedule;
— Solves live performance and stability issues and prevent their recurrence;
— Provides recommendations to development teams based on operational analysis;
— Provides guidelines and expertise during the conception of the product tailored;
— DevOps process;
— Provides expertise on DevOps tooling to ensure product optimal time-to market and quality;
— Provides guidance in building an evolving solution based on containerization strategy;
— Ensures availability of continuous integration tooling;
— Ensures availability of testing tooling;
— Ensures availability of continuous deployment tooling;
— Ensures respect of principles of immutable architecture;
— Ensure maintaining and managing Google Cloud Platform based production system;
— Provides support for the DevOps tooling chain;
— Supports adoption of the micro services Architecture;
— Validates the DevOps process performance;
— Provides help in solving the DevOps process or tooling issues;
— Ensures the centralization and communication around DevOps good practices.

— Technical expertise on version control software source code versioning, pipelines, integration, deployment and automation tools;
— Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools (Gitlab, BitBucket, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform);
— Experience with end-to-end DevOps process conception and implementation from business to ops;
— Reviewing and researching potential new products, communicating them to the wider team to highlight their potential;
— Knowledge of web hosting industry and associated technologies (Apache, NGINX);
— Strong background in Linux/Unix Administration;
— Strong knowledge of cloud solutions (AWS EC2, ECS, ECR, EKS, Lambda);
— Ability to code and script (bash, PowerShell, Python);
— Ability to work with databases (MySQL);
— Strong problem-solving skills, intelligence and initiative;
— Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (detail oriented);
— A strong focus on business outcomes;
— Fluent in English (verbal and written).