As a Senior Frontend Developer you’ll mainly focus on desktop, mobile and web activity on client-side. Creating quality UI and improving UX, slicing components from Photoshop or Sketch, reproducing wireframes by code and implementing W3C valid HTML, building upon MVVM frameworks, maintaining code; these are common tasks you will deal with on a daily basis. You will work with project managers, business analyst, solution architects, graphic designers, backend developers and programmers.


  • Read the project’s specification and understand the project’s scope;
  • Collaborate with the business analyst or the project manager and write a project’s specification;
  • Understand the existing implementation of the application (if any);
  • Understand the goal and mission of the project and collaborate with the project manager and the CTO for best solutions;
  • Recognize technical limits of a potential implementation and failure scenarios;
  • Recognize potential security flaws in the existing software, before the final delivery, as well as in any third-party software used to help the development process;
  • Recognize poor designed UX and collaborate with the UI/UX specialist or graphic designer, business analyst and CTO for improvements;
  • Develop, maintain and improve frontend applications in web stack technologies;
  • Propose, implement and further develop solutions;
  • Design software with good UX in mind;
  • Optimize your own code;
  • DRY, KISS and Agile;
  • Autonomous and resourceful;
  • Mentor and lead other developers to achieve higher performance and better results;
  • Responsible team player with a positive mental attitude;
  • Collaborate with other departments.


  • Minimum four years of experience in the IT industry with frontend technologies or minimum seven years on the field, either as a freelancer or as personal hobbies;
  • Attention to details;
  • Problem-solving skills and ability to adapt to change;
  • Mobile or web development industry experience is preferred (as a background);
  • Master standard markup languages for web;
  • Solid knowledge of the HTTP protocol;
  • Solid knowledge of HTML and CSS;
  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript and ECMAScript versions;
  • Solid knowledge of dynamic weak programming;
  • Solid knowledge of version control systems such as Git, Mercurial or SVN;
  • Solid knowledge of UI manipulation techniques;
  • Solid knowledge of cross-platform UI frameworks and integration testing suites;
  • Solid knowledge of acceptance testing techniques and frameworks;
  • Good knowledge of Object-Oriented programming;
  • Good knowledge of the WebSocket protocol;
  • Good knowledge of web services such as REST APIs;
  • Good understanding of different platform UI/UX (e.g. web, mobile, desktop);
  • Knowledge of RDBMS and NoSQL;
  • Knowledge of current trends in terms of frameworks and design trends;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Continuous hunger for knowledge.

Nice to have and other notes

  • Mobile-first web development mindset is appreciated;
  • Knowledge of other programming languages is HIGHLY appreciated;
  • Knowledge of UX on various operating systems is HIGHLY appreciated;
  • Experience with popular CSS and JS frameworks, including, but not limited to, Bootstrap, Foundation, UIKit, Semantic UI; Ember.js, Angular, React, Polymer, ExtJS, RxJS.