Descriere job


- Monitor production systems and take ownership of issues, seeing them through to completion;
- Providing comprehensive handover as required;
- Troubleshoot issues, estimate effort to resolve and verify fix functionality;
- Create reports, one off scripts and other custom work as needed estimate effort and write quotes;
- Identify patterns of failures and investigate cause, rebuild scenarios in which intermittent failures can be regularly reproduced;
- Build tools as needed to perform daily duties more quickly/efficiently;
- Assist in client support as an advisor for technologicall y challenging issues provide technical backup to co workers as needed;
- Run automated jobs and verify results.


- 1 - 3 years of relevant experience in a TechOps, or SRE role;
- Basic Linux skills;
- Familiarity with common database systems preferr ed (MySql for example);
- Knowledge of WEB application development, development cycles, internals and protocols;
- Knowledge of a scripting language (preferably Perl and or Python)
- Proactive;
- Operations oriented mind set, a knack for technical firefighting, diagnostics, troubleshooting and problem solving;
- Desire to learn new technologies and evolve wi th an ever changing industry.