We are all living hard times right now, and that’s why we took it as a challenge to keep things going as fluently as possible, despite the unnatural conditions. Being a software company has helped quite a bit, if we are honest. Is it possible to keep things on a normal path in an not-so-normal reality? Yes, we think it is. It’s about our power to adapt and think outside the box, a mindset that we embrace in our daily work.

We took the measure to work from home quite early (#StayHome #StaySafe) and things changed a bit. Doing little things, like sending each other thoughts, ideas or funny memes on our intern channels, helps us empathize, stay engaged with the team and keep our connection warm. It’s a funny fact that now we are “going out” together more often than we used to. Thanks to Google Hangouts we are all meeting online weekly to have a beer, and discuss random stuff. We see a lot of motivation in all of my colleagues, like for all of us this is a moment when we must show strength and everybody is showing it, especially through their work.

Things are moving forward and we are progressing every day by discovering new ways and alternatives to do our work. Our HR team is holding the interviews online and we are proud that we are still hiring new talent. It is not an easy process and we are still adapting.

 “At the moment, online recruitment is the best solution. The only difference now is that the discussions are no longer face to face; but 50% of the hiring process takes place online anyway: contacting people, setting up interviews and the offers we send. Indeed, interacting virtually with someone is a little harder, but the good part is that the people in front of us feel more comfortable in their environment. We are looking for smart, driven people and we have many positions open. People can contact me directly!” (Violeta Gaina - HR People Wizard, Softbinator Technologies)

“Our staff is heading toward 70 and I think we will be over 100 in a few months. We have been increasing the team because we have already signed ongoing contracts that need more and more people. These are solid products, we have no problems in this area. We are in the process of expanding and this crisis does not seem to slow us down financially. Rather, we have some speed reduction in the recruiting area - interviews and all processes are online, which makes it a bit more difficult than usual, but nothing we can’t fix or adapt to.” Daniel Ilinca ( CEO, Softbinator Technologies for Romania Insider).

Being a company focused on health and education projects, we are working to develop ideas that can be helpful for humanity in this pandemic crisis. Against Covid-19 we have a big weapon and that is: Technology!

“Centralizing data from the public health system, which can be accessed by both private and research companies, is vital in finding solutions to pandemics such as Coronavirus. Artificial intelligence can help physicians diagnose COVID-19 patients more quickly. The communication between the public health system in Romania and the private environment affects us on several levels, but we are reframing this as an opportunity and a challenge.” (Marius Baisan, CTO Softbinator Technologies for Digital Business.ro)

The Coronavirus outbreak will affect humanity on so many levels. It is important to try our best in this period. Do not forget to enjoy little things, to create and innovate, and to enjoy the work you’re doing. We must look beyond the crisis and understand that the world, as it is right now, needs to change. In order to make this happen trust yourself that you can be a small part of this wave of change. Divide and conquer all problems, big and small, take care and stay safe!                                         

                                                             (Softbinator Technologies, April 2020)