Inside Softbinator - The HR Girl

A short Inside Story from Violeta, HR specialist

"Being an HR girl is not that easy, but I can say that I love my job. Attracting someone’s attention with a single message and convincing them to come to a face to face discussion is challenging, but unfortunately is not always working and here comes the struggle.

To be able to talk freely about any subject with an unknown person and still not be boring or tiring. Yes, we’re good at that too!

Has it ever crossed your mind that the HR department can be a small part of every team? I figured that out after a few months. Why? Because we are the ones who will find your future project or colleagues. We know you very well, we know all the projects (obviously, as much as possible on the technical side, because we can’t be good at everything) and also we are there to listen when you have a problem.

We also take care of your integration and by integration, I don’t mean the morning gossip when we make coffee and talk for 5-10 minutes about how crowded the bus was and whatnot.

For me, integration means helping all the new people feel safe, understand their real needs and motivate them to start the journey.

I think this is one of the great advantages of this profession. The fact that at first, you interact with people because it’s your responsibility and later on it becomes something instinctive and it connects things in another direction, this being one of our goals.

My short inside story is meant to point out that at Softbinator, the HR girl is not just someone who will tell you the story of the company, but actually a friend that will help you have a positive and pleasant experience at your daily job.

Until now I managed to have a strong connection with everyone. In my opinion, if this doesn’t happen, you may be doing something wrong."

(Violeta Gaina, HR Specialist at Softbinator)