Inside Softbinator - A short Inside Story from our QA girl, Oana Mihai!

"Hey! My name is Ionela but my friends call me Oana. I’m the only girl from the QA Department at Softbinator, and even though I've been doing this for a short time, I like it and it becomes my passion!

This is my first job as a QA and also my first job in a tech company. This important change was something that I was thinking about for a while. It started when I did an overview of my career and what are my prospects. This made me realize that there weren’t many opportunities to advance at my previous job and it had become a little monotone.

After discussing with a few friends, I decided that the QA job might be a nice fit for me. I must admit that the change didn’t come easy and I reserved a lot of thinking time before actually making the move. I analyzed all the possibilities and what is entitled to make this change. I went to a couple of community gatherings organized by Softbinator Foundation, where I also met a few of my future colleagues.

This made it easier for me to decide and also to start an internship at Softbinator Technologies. The internship was focused on getting me acquainted with what it means to be a QA, to see if it's actually what I was expecting and to understand the basic notions.

From the beginning, I had to accept that I started from scratch. Changing professions is not an easy thing to do. You don't have enough knowledge and you don't know what is the best way to assimilate new information. You feel that you are no longer in control until you acquire the necessary knowledge. I was very afraid of making mistakes, but I wasn't alone. My colleagues from the QA department advised me that is good to make mistakes and break things, to learn and progress.

The role of a tester is to think of all the different ways that the user might interact with the application and validate that everything works as expected, so when the app is released, the user has a problem-free experience.

If you'll start thinking outside the box it doesn’t mean wrong or weird, it means creativity, spontaneity, and vision. If we want different results, we have to do things differently. We think of all the different scenarios that might cause problems and we make tests for them, so we can run them again, and again during the developing cycle. That’s the way how we make sure that we already validate features that aren’t broken by other changes to the product.

I followed my team advice and I did an introductory course in software testing to help me get up to speed on some of the technical terms and methodologies because I had no prior experience or education in software development or testing.

This helps me also think of a career path and what I want to learn and master. I already figured out which are the other courses that I want to follow and what are the skills needed to complete them.

I also want to learn to do automation and automated testing and with small steps, I’m getting closer to have the knowledge to start this new journey.

During these challenging times, working from home has been proven to be interesting. We had to figure out different ways for better communication and how to stay focused.

The Agile culture that is used in all the projects helped me to have a perspective on how the projects should be delivered. I’ve been working on a few different projects like the largest training platform for IT courses in Eastern Europe, an innovative learning game, and a game created to use cognitive skills such as critical thinking, creativity, or problem-solving.

I must admit that having a flexible schedule and other perks that came with this job, helped me to grow and progress and this makes me glad that I made this decision.

Now, I’m just really excited to embrace this new challenge and develop myself as an experienced software tester."