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Shawarma Marti, 30 Aprilie 2013
A company, that could have had a bright future had it not been due to the poor and backward-thinking management. Staff are a bit well paid that others, but they are worked using a unregulated-slavery model. I had the displeasure of being employed there for close to year, and had to resign to keep my sanity. How bad was it working for them ... well, I am ashamed to put that experience in my resume. Steer clear of the 4 Dutchies: Skinny Ninja, Chubby Blonde, Financial Dumbo & Operational Bag O Bones.
GheorgehLazar Duminica, 5 Mai 2013
Zau? I thought it was a great company.
KebabCuHummus Marti, 7 Mai 2013
The time I spend with these guys were the most excruciating in my life. In all honesty, I think Guantanamo Bay would have been more organized and peaceful. Working with the guys who run and operate that company gives a new insight on how NOT to run a business. You could train a monkey with half a brain to do a better job than the demented & retarded Johan and it will deliver more tangible results than these pathetic & sour inbreds.
GheorgehLazar Miercuri, 15 Mai 2013
I dont know what to say. I was interviewed by 2 very proffessional looking ladies. They seemed very knowledgeable on the matter and they said it was the best company to work for in Brasov or maybe in Romania. They mentioned that their employee retention is very high and very few leave.
Una Joi, 16 Mai 2013
Luni am un interviu si dupa comentariile voastre acum sunt cam in ceata. Merita sa ma duc sau nu???
lambada Vineri, 17 Mai 2013
@GheorgehLazar: in general nu te lasa influentat de discursul unui recrutor sau de modul in care acesta e imbracat si se comporta - e meseria lor sa atraga oameni buni in ...
GigiLazar Vineri, 17 Mai 2013
Pe scurt despre ce se intampla pe acolo:Program de lucru: total inflexibil, ora de incepere extrem de matinala (8:30), ti se atrage atentia si au fost oameni care au luat ...
Van Gogh Marti, 21 Mai 2013
Its amazing those crooks are still in business.
sdcard Miercuri, 22 Mai 2013
Intr-adevar, ii compatimesc pe baietii de la mansarda. R&D duc greul la route, mai ales ca lucreaza direct cu doi dintre "dutchies", cum povestea cineva mai sus. La ...
Johnny Miercuri, 22 Mai 2013
Dupa cativa ani lucrat acolo, tragand linie, situatia e cam maro:-lipsa totala de viziune si strategie. Se planifica hei-rupist, pe baza a ce vede fiecare din patroni pe ...
Maria Dick Van Dick Miercuri, 22 Mai 2013
Route 66 is more like RouteVille - a litte country of 70 something inhabitants, run by the undisputed champion of incompetence aided by his trusty and equally incompetenant 3 ...
Johan Miercuri, 22 Mai 2013
Talk, talk, talk.. all bullshit, that's what you all are only good at. Very few people do decent work these days! and Route will continue to select it's employees only from the ...
ABC Miercuri, 22 Mai 2013
Johan, There are only 3 words that can define you as a manager and as a person :"You suck mate !"
Def Joi, 23 Mai 2013
These incompetents have transformed you in a "fuckin' millionaire", as you like to call yourself. Good luck in finding good people and training them, they will ...
Schande voor de Nederland Joi, 23 Mai 2013
Hoe grappig is een incompetente, belt iemand anders een incompetente?
Insusi Luci Joi, 23 Mai 2013
no amu sa spui si io doua vorbe despre Route si ce-i pe acolo.Am lucrat acolo aproape 5 ani. Numele meu si ceea ce faceam acolo mai putin conteaza asa ca nu fac public ( Luci de ...
m&m Joi, 23 Mai 2013
in sfarsit un comentariu pertinent si la obiect!
Lili Joi, 23 Mai 2013
Sunt studenta in an terminal la Transilvania, si stiu ca in anii trecuti au fost multi studenti care au facut un internship sau ceva de genul asta in route. Chestii interesante, ...
TurnByTurn Joi, 23 Mai 2013
OK, so one from 100 found R66 to be helpful. That doesnt say much, when the majority only found frustration. Maybe for that only lucky man R66 was the much needed launch pad he ...
PP Joi, 23 Mai 2013
Asa cum zicea Lucian: daca nu-ti place undeva, pleci. Din nefericire, nu pentru toti este la fel de usor. Unii isi gasesc mai greu un loc de munca si tin de el, indiferent cat de ...

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