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A good place to be for starters

19.10.2018 - Angajat Full time Util (5)

Friendly environment


Sfaturi pentru conducere

Full time - Customer support - Cluj-Napoca
Perioada de munca este de 3-4 ani.
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Companie preocupata de cresterea angajatiilor si, implicit, a business-ului.

17.09.2018 - Angajat Full time Util (5)

- profesionalism;
- training-uri;
- oameni tineri;
- respectarea timpului liber din afara programului de lucru;

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Recomand - Turismum este intotdeauna o provocare

09.08.2018 - Fost angajat Full time Util (9)

Mediu de lucru placut
Activitate interesanta
Oportunitati de avansare

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Am impresia ca evaluarile recente sunt postate pe acest site de catre departamentul de HR. Altfel nu-mi explic cum pot fi atat de inflorite si de irelevante.

12.06.2018 - Fost angajat Util (8)

Colegii, majoritatea ok, desi deprimati si extenuati.

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JacTravel Romania (Flame SRL)
Luni, 25 Iun 2018
Thank you for your review, we do appreciate all feedback that we receive so that we can improve on areas that need improvement. Firstly please let me assure that the HR department does not post the all the reviews on the site, the reviews are done by current and ex work colleagues from all departments. With regards to the salaries that you that have quoted, our salaries have recently been extensively reviewed and we are confident, due to recruiting 25 new team members in the last two month due to growth, that we are now highly competitive in the market.
With regards to the shift work in the Contact Centre, all language speakers work a varied shift pattern due to the business requirements and I can confirm that we do not target a specific language to work the late shifts.
We do have numerous vacancies available due to the growth of the business, our workforce has increased by 300% in the last three years offering lots of opportunities for new graduates, individuals seeking a new role and promotions for current workers due to the growth of the teams.
Due to the mergers we are working on two platforms currently and the transition will be made to one platform this year. This will help towards us working as one team.

Loc de munca stabil. Program flexibil. Workload balansat

09.06.2018 - Angajat Full time Util (6)

- Angajari fara experienta in domeniu pe entry level
- Foarte bun pentru inceput de cariera in domeniul administrativ, customer care sau IT (depinzand de echipa in care esti angajat)
- Birouri accesibili, frumoase, curate. Mediu de lucru placut
- Colegi tineri, dinamici si plini de ambitie
- Program flexibl (depinzand in ce echipa lucrezi)
- Posibilitate de ore suplimentare
- Bonuri de masa substantiale
- Masa platita cand faci ore suplimentare
- Traininguri de tot felul pentru formare profesionala, workshopuri
- Team buildinguri, petreceri de firma si alte activitati recreationale interactive si nu numai
- Posibilitate de miscare in firma de la echipa la echipa sau de mutare in birouri din alte tari
- Asigurare de sanatate privata
- Bonusuri vechime
- Bonusuri pe evaluare anuale
- Bonusuri de recrutare
- 7 Card (abonament la sali fitness la pret accesibil)
- Sanse de promovare (depinzand de capacitatea individuala al angajatului)
- Mariri salariale la avansare
- Mariri salariale de la an la an depinzand de performanta angajatului
- Nu se lucreaza obligatoriu in weekend, doar cu exceptia unor echipe
- Business tripuri in afara tarii platite cu diurna
- Workload balansat/fair

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JacTravel Romania (Flame SRL)
Luni, 25 Iun 2018
Thank you for your review, it's great to see the engaging aspects of your belief in the company. We understand the frustration of the one-hour lunch break, however we are working closely with our London offices and need to remain as they are due to the time difference. We will of course review this on a regular basis. Throughout all departments we are working towards clear guidelines for all bandings to ensure that team members know how, through their performance they can progress with the business. Our trainers are highly respected members of the teams and we support them in all aspects of their work.
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