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Mantu former Amaris

16.09.2020 - Fost angajat 2017 - Full time

International and young environment. It's a good opportunity to improve your English skills, although being a French company you will see that English is not at its best.
They are developing continuously internal applications which are really helpful in doing your work.
Okay company only for the first years of experience.

Really poor and low skilled management. They promote mostly foreign people and sometimes local people and usually the ones promoted (foreign or not) have nothing to do with people management and leadership.
A newly promoted manager starts implementing poor ideas only to be shown at the top level what wonderful things they are doing, but this only contributes to a high rate of resignations.
If you are late for 5 minutes they will call you out, but hey, why you don't do overtime? Which is highly promoted.
International mobility approved mostly for the foreign people (French, Italian, Spanish). But they are good at promising and selling this idea to all the candidates and employees until you'll see that this won't happen or they propose cheap options for them. They usually won't send you in a more developed country (you may choose Vietnam, Mauritius, Colombia, Tunis).
They don't really care about their employees. They only care about their profit and they will get rid of you without second thinking. It's actually a company built to produce profit by selling wonderful ideas with low salaries comparing to the market.

Sfaturi pentru conducere
You need a clearer idea of what leadership is. Maybe external trainings, not internal with the same unskilled people.

Fost angajat 2017 - Full time - Bucuresti
Perioada de muncă: 3-4 ani.
Nu recomand această firmă cunoscuților.

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Great learning and evolving environment

09.06.2020 - Full time

An international open-minded environment that allows you to learn and evolve as much as you want as opportunities arise for external mobilities, periodical training, have your own team if you have the skils, change even the position to another Department if you feel the need to do something else or you suit better.
Of course, you need to be patient and show good results and outstanding performance to be rewarded but if you are looking for a Company with a young and fresh mindset in which you can grow, learn and use your language skills and many more, totally you should try working here.

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Good starting point for your career

09.06.2020 - Angajat - Full time

- interesting mix between a startup mindset and a corporate environment
- you get to work within an international team and to be in contact with many cultures
- if you are open to do it, you will learn a lot in quite a short time
- young team

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Challenging and flexible

09.06.2020 - Angajat - Full time

Flexible organization, challenging topics and stimulating multi-cultural environment. Excellent atmosphere between colleagues.

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Young and last learning environment

25.03.2020 - Angajat - Full time

- Start up mindset
- Able to learn a lot of things in a fast period of time
- Able to develop skills in multiple areas
- Hard working is paid off

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