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Your average outsourcing company

26.12.2018 - Fost angajat 2018 - Full time

21 vacation days - plus 6 additional bonus days for 2 worked months (other conditions must be met as well)
Ok salary, but not the best in the marked
Ok company for those who want to develop a skill set and then leave for a better job.
Good work schedule.

Don't really care about employees, they just give you to your client and that is it. I spent more than 6 years there on their SDC as an Operations Specialist and they didn't want to invest in me (training and certifications) because their excuse was that then I'll want to leave. I left because they didn't invest in me.
Their salaries are ok, but not the best in the market. Average, I would say.
They don't appreciate hard working and loyal employees. At a certain point they leveled all the salaries for everyone, regardless if new or old in the company or the skill set they had.
Loyal employees get a backpack when they hit the 5 year mark, otherwise, it's an automated email. Don't spend too much time in the company.
There aren't really opportunities to advance your career. I've seen SD agents become Team Leaders not because they were smart, but because they were dumb and obedient, good for the management people.
They pay the lowest amount of ticket meals (9.41 RON).
I was an Ops Specialist and my salary was almost the same as of some german speaking call center agents.

Sfaturi pentru conducere
Look after your employees, not just revenue.

Fost angajat 2018 - Full time - Sibiu - Operations Specialist
Perioada de muncă: 7-8 ani.
Recomand această firmă cunoscuților.

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21.12.2018 - Fost angajat 2017 - Full time

Echipa in principiu

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O experienta interesanta , dar nu as mai incerca


se ofera training ok

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Colegi super salariu mediu management infect

07.12.2018 - Fost angajat 2017 - Full time

Colegii sunt super ok.

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Experienta mea nu e experienta ta

04.12.2018 - Angajat - Full time

Este o companie destul de mare, cu multe echipe.
Eu am nimerit intr-un proiect destul de relaxat, dar am auzit si alte opinii.
In afara de folosirea biroului, nu am multe tangente cu Stefanini, ci lucrez direct cu clientul.
Daca primesti aprobarea de la client, poti sa lucrezi de acasa sau din varful muntelui si cu orar oricat de flexibil (doar sa fie 40 de ore pe saptamana)

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