Our Internship Program

We run Internship programs that can turn into a permanent job depending on performance and availability.

The first Internship program at 8x8 in Cluj was in 2015. Today we have over 30 colleagues working in the Cluj office who joined the company upon graduating from an Internship program with us.

What to Expect

Mentorship and training from some of our most talented engineers.

Hands-on experience working on real-life, in-house products with millions of users across the globe.

The chance to work with the latest web, desktop and mobile technologies.

Check out our career page for information about current openings and follow us on Instagram at lifeat8x8_ro.

Meanwhile, here are a few testimonials from some of our colleagues, who joined us permanently after graduating the Internship program.

Why apply for an Internship at 8x8?

For me, 8x8 was the perfect place to start my career as a software engineer. I started as an intern on a Big Data Analytics project, had the opportunity to work with and learn from some great people, and now, two years later, I am one of the key contributors on the team. I really enjoy working here and I feel like somewhere else I wouldn’t have had the chance to grow as much as I did over the past 2 years at 8x8.

Rares Lupu, Senior Software Developer (Internship Graduate of 2017)

I learned about the 8x8 Internship program from an info stand at the faculty, where I came across an 8x8 employee whom I used to know from faculty. All that gave me a nice sense of confidence. I knew nothing about the company before that. The internship interview also went well and the manager made a strong impression on me. Looking back, it was first and foremost the wonderful people working at 8x8 who determined me to join the company.

Diana Babtan, Quality Assurance Tester (Internship Graduate of 2017)

For me, the main appeal [for applying] was the industry itself: cloud communications. It’s something new, innovative. The fact that we work with the latest Java and cloud technologies was also a big plus. Another nice add-on was the flexible work schedule and the fact that I could work from home, which allowed me to continue my university studies. Last, but not least, I was very fond of the atmosphere in the office and the work environment overall. :) 

Liana Buta, Software Developer (Internship Graduate of 2018)

My decision to apply for the internship program at 8x8 had a lot to do with my interest in telecommunications and with the fact that 8x8 develop in-house products using the latest back-end and front-end technologies. As I went through the internship program I grew very fond of the people working at 8x8, of the office vibe during a regular work day, and of the work I did during the internship and that I would continue to do afterwards.

Mihai Uscat, Junior Software Developer (Internship Graduate of 2018)

My first interaction with 8x8 was at an info stand at the Technical University. I dropped by the 8x8 booth out of sheer curiosity (I had heard of the company from other students, but did not know much about it). After talking to the people at the booth I did some research, looking for more information. The company values and the fact that 8x8 is one of the few product companies in Cluj caught my attention. Then, after going through the Internship program I realised that there was so much more: the work ethics, the people you get to work with, the work environment in general.

Madalina Iloie, Junior Software Developer (Internship Graduate of 2019)

The main reason I joined 8x8 was the opportunity to work with a programming paradigm that I am very passionate about - functional programming, - to have the chance to build important software under that paradigm, and to grow by working with experienced and passionate people.

Sebastian Finiti, Junior Software Developer (Internship Graduate of 2019)

The main things that have drawn me to 8x8 were the company values and how everyone was determined to play by the rules and "Play to win" together. It's a great company and I was stunned by its achievements and products. I joined 8x8 not only for this, but also for the general positive atmosphere from within the company. The people here are just great, not only are they people with great experience from which you can continuously learn new technical stuff and develop your skills, but they also have warm personalities.

Ancuta Codrea, Junior Software Developer (Internship Graduate of 2019)

The main reasons I chose 8x8 for my Internship program were the company brand, the positive feedback it gets on different platforms (like Glassoor), the office location, the competition for the internship places, but maybe first of all for the professional and high-quality interview.

Andrei Bora, Junior Software Developer (Internship Graduate of 2019)