Your role 

We are looking for a mid to senior Java Developer that will be responsible for developing, maintaining and optimizing an integration solution for enterprises.


Your day to day

  • The day starts with a 15 – 30 minutes scrum and analysis of production in the morning.
  • Our development tasks are oriented to optimizing any aspects of the document routing.
  • We aim to reduce manual intervention of our support teams, increase resilience, reduce processor usage, have better traceability, support all business changes required in the platforms which make use of our solution.
  • As a backender you will have the opportunity to grow your skills, from DB transactions to SMTP servers.


Match your skills

  • 3 years professional experience of proven Java development
  • Foundation in Object-Oriented Design and Data Structures
  • Knowledge on HTTP/REST
  • SOAP WS would be a plus
  • Familiarity with Java Enterprise Edition features: EJB, CDI, JPA, JMS or similar frameworks
  • Ability to work in a cross-functional team
  • Spoken and written English proficiency
  • Knowledge on relational databases, BPM engines, message brokers is a plus
  • Knowledge on Integration Patterns and libraries such as Apache is a plus
  • Camel
  • Knowledge of XML, XSLT and XPath is a plus


About the project

IBX Xchange enables buyers and suppliers to integrate their on-premise eProcurement, sales order management and billing systems directly to the IBX Business Network.

Business documents are exchanged via the IBX Xchange providing validation, format transformation, enrichment and routing via different protocols.

Advanced tools for transaction monitoring and troubleshooting are the guarantee for a fast and secure delivery of all kinds of documents between buyers and suppliers.

Our software handles integration needs such as transformations, reliable communication channels, protocol translations and audit for our clients.

We are a customer focused, self-organized team. We operate end to end, from identifying the problem, finding a technical solution, prod deployments, prod feedback.

We use Agile, Java EE, SOA, containers, open source software.



How we look like

At RINF TECH you will come across friendly people and a relaxed atmosphere every day. It may seem obvious for us to say this, but we know it to be true. We work with passion to bring fresh ideas to the table. Our contribution matters.

RINFers are eager to learn from each other, explore and reinvent the world of technology. We have an inspiring place to share ideas and build amazing things together. We also share fun moments and sad moments, like that time our friend, Mr. Coffee Machine, had to take a medical leave. No worries, it was nothing serious.

We do have a colleague who doesn’t like coffee or cookies (which is totally hard to accept) and he is not that chatty, even though he spends a lot of time on Facebook. Nonetheless he likes finding bugs and he has magic touch skills. Want to know with whom you will work with?

We introduce you to IQ MATT. Being fans of quality releases, we dare ourselves each day to put the latest technologies and methodologies at work. We never stop learning!


Why join us?

Our company culture cultivates a strong integrity and work ethics, we reward initiative and each employee contribution. By joining us you will discover:

  • A fun and rewarding work environment;
  • Competitive financial benefits;
  • Learning opportunities
  • Opportunities to develop intrapreneurial skills. 


RINF TECH is a good fit for you

…if you have:

  • A quality delivery focused attitude…you may be required to deliver sweets and treats because we like to have food fests at the office
  • The ability to communicate clearly to a wide range of people both internally and externally
  • Customer facing skills
  • Curiosity and never stop learning skills
  • The desire to have fun while doing what you like
  • A keen interest in participating at our board games evenings


Meet us!

 We should get to know each other better!

First of all, you decide that this project fits your interests. Then you get to know RINF TECH by having a discussion with an HR this case I will be the one sharing more of RINF’s culture and plans. By the end of the meeting, we will both be able to decide if going further with the process is a good option. And then you will have a technical meeting to share best practices, industry trends and coding ideas with one of the hiring managers.