Project Description:

  • Join our development team for one of our clients from the telecommunications industry in their CRM team
  • Our client develops both mobile and web development and works with the latest frameworks, languages and concepts such as Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Objective-C, AngularJS, Android Volley, OAuth2, Adobe Cordova, Docker, Apache Kafka, Redis, responsive design, automated testing (Selenium, JMeter). Our tools of choice are IntelliJ, Teamcity, Artifactory, JIRA and Confluence but you are free to use whatever you are most productive in.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Write the necessary code for the application
  • Maintenance for the written code
  • Unitary testing
  • Technical documentation for the written code

Technical Environment:

  • High-performance Java for developing web applications with HTML, Spring container, Spring MVC, Hibernate
  • With templating frameworks for modularization of user interfaces (Tiles and Freemarker/JSP/JSTL)
  • HTML/CSS/JS produced by web designers which you will integrate into your own apps
  • JavaScript and JQuery knowledge to be able to write JS snippets to improve interactivity on client side
  • Object oriented skills and coding in Java for web application development.
  • Concerned about quality of the code and client's experience (be able to prove it through his work with unit testing (JUnit/TestNG, etc))
  • REST API design and integration using JAX-RS/JSON
  • Web applications optimization techniques (caching, performance analysis using YSlow, Chrome Developer Tools/Firebug)
  • Previous practice with continuous integration systems (Teamcity/Jenkins)

Technical Requirements:

  • J2EE: Spring, Message Queues, WebServices
  • JavaScript
  • Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQl, MySQL, NoSQL
  • Linux
  • Experienced web application developer passionate about latest browser and client-side technologies giving your users responsive and usable web applications.
  • Develop, document and test your code in several browsers