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- Develop hiring and candidate sourcing approaches in conjunction with the Hiring Managers’ needs;

- Manage hiring requisitions from capturing & validating the demand to candidate management;
- Roadmap strategic Sourcing Channels to deliver the best results across quality and quantity of hires;
- Hunt, farm and engage with unique and/ or passive candidates through creative sourcing techniques;
- Conduct video interviews with the candidates engaged in the recruitment process and constantly communicating the feedback during the process;
- Support the hiring managers by building high-performance teams and partnering whenever needed;
- Create robust pipelines while providing a seamless experience;
- Provide the pipeline status to the business teams and participate in regular calls related to the state of the projects;
- Develop relationships across multiple teams;
- Work with the Talent Sourcing Lead to understand short- and long-term Talent Sourcing objectives and hiring forecasts; creating and implementing short- and long-term tactical sourcing plans.

*Only eligible candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your understanding!