Inside Softbinator - Expect the Unexpected 

A short Inside Story, from Ralu Poiana UI/UX Designer

"You know what it’s like ... since you were little, a descriptive image was painted in your head about what a company looks like. Black suits and tie, fixed schedule, cubicles and crooked faces.
That’s what your parents told you and that’s what you saw in the movies. To my surprise, none of that was true when I started working at Softbinator.

From the flexible schedule, to the fact that my colleague wears slippers in the office, summer-winter, it doesn’t matter; to the fact that the joker is a second nature in all of us, to the vinyls that can be heard in the background, the atmosphere is super welcoming and you can feel positive vibes motivating you to deliver high quality work in a perfect environment.

I’m Raluca and I am honored to be part of the great, imposing Softbinator Design team, located in Constanta. I mean, Cristi and I. Together we managed to create the visual identity of the company, to develop UI / UX solutions and to please customers. Talking about customers, you know how in the middle of a pandemic crisis not everyone is dressed entirely formal? But hey.. we’re only interested in software, not your soft wear, so that’s a funny and unexpected experience that can happen at work, through a video call.

The demanding projects, together with the colleagues who later became my friends, make Softbinator the place where I gladly come to every day, a place where I can outgrow and improve myself."
(Raluca, UI/UX Designer at Softbinator)