Inside Softbinator - A short Inside Story from Mihai Gurau, .NET Developer

"I always liked playing. Toying with things kept my mind up and running, always looking for a new challenge. That's how I got into programming. Ever since I was in high school I enjoyed solving exercises, playing with the input to get a different output, it was always a new challenge. Almost Like a puzzle! When my parents encouraged me with that I thought they were kidding. No, they were not! 

A lot of people have dream jobs on their minds and are struggling to get them! In my case, my dream job found me! I remember the day when I talked to Daniel, CEO at Softbinator and he made me realize how much I can achieve in this industry. That's the moment when a new chapter began for me.

Soon after that, I've joined a very welcoming family.

Before Softbinator, I worked at a company where a ranking system would be generated at the end of the month, to show who’s doing the best work. It was similar to the forces competition found in the Romanian Education System. From primary school to college, everyone comparing grades, as a way to prove their worth.

In my opinion, this way of working kills our motivation, but that is all in my past because here at Softbinator I am amazed to realize that there’s no room for this kind of outdated thinking system.

Everybody is working hard out of passion, everybody wants to solve everything, to have a great product because this is what we do, we solve problems, puzzles, we accomplish those challenges that I've talked about in the beginning.

I've seen that passion in every one of my colleagues. The desire to learn and achieve. This inspired me to do the same. Now my work is my biggest motivator together with my ambition to learn new things and get better.

Today, I receive and solve challenges with those who inspired me, working together to be the best as a team!

Since I've joined Softbinator, I've grown as a developer, and as a person, I gained a whole new perspective. I'm more mature now, and I’m feeling strong because I know how much progress I’m making every day!

Don’t be scared if you don’t know what your dream is, because the opportunity will arise and if you’re passionate about it, go for it and you will find yourself living your dream before you can notice!"