Inside Softbinator - White Hat Game

A short Inside Story from Irina, .Net Developer, about White Hat an innovative learning game, developed for Equatorial Gaming.

“Hmm... new visitor. Hopefully it's a robot from the future. Oh, now I see you! Just a mediocre human. Makes me sad." (Eva, the AI)

Hey! My name is Irina and I’m gonna tell you a short story about the project that I’m working on, at Softbinator

I can consider myself really lucky because me and my team are developing an unique game. We are creating a fascinating way for people to learn helpful things, a game for all the people who will learn different courses in the IT field and they are excited with the idea of gaming while doing so.

There was a time when AI used to be cool, but not anymore. Originally programmed as a Cloud AI based productivity tool for large tech companies, EVA managed to gain consciousness, learn, hack, self-develop and self-replicate in just a matter of seconds after its first test deployment. Shortly, Eva wants to be the smartest thing in the world! It’s time to fight back and you will find out right away how.

Behind this principle is a story about you and EVA, an artificial intelligence that is getting stronger and stronger and you have to get better than it, learning.
Throughout the game there is a continuous interaction with the AI that always throws a vicious joke at you depending on your progress and your camp, but anyway, EVA is never very friendly.
You need to find the key objects and answer correctly the questions you receive from her, from the courses chosen by you and generated dynamically according to your level. You can choose to be on the side of those who want to defeat EVA or you can fight next to her.

I really work with passion to develop this game and I also like the people on my team. The subject of our project always helps us to see work as an innovative challenge. We do not feel how time flies when we work. It is very important not to feel that you are working but that you are doing what you like and every day you put another piece to your "puzzle". Basically we create a fantastic world, a complex character and a different but efficient environment for learning.

During this period of crisis we did not feel problems at the organizational level because everyone knows what to do and we have constant communication. I can say that we are even more productive, managing each of us to work at the hours when we are most efficient.

We are all eager to finish it and there is very, very little time left. 


(Irina Trentea, .NET Developer at Softbinator)