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The story of Creatopy started in 2021 in a small town in Transylvania: Oradea. Relatively new on the market, but with a powerful 13 years of knowledge and background in SaaS, Creatopy aims to revolutionize the way the world communicates visually. 

Creatopy is the Ad Design Platform that helps businesses customize, automate and scale up their ad production and delivery.

From a small business to a powerful company of 100+ employees and collaborators from different cultures with different backgrounds: full-stack developers, designers, marketers, account managers, dreamers, and creative minds. 

Creatopy develops the best efficient and intuitive tools using innovative technologies such as React, Javascript/Typescript, GraphQL, and NodeJS. Moreover, we foresee a highly technological future, therefore we also use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud-based scalable architectures, and DevOps tools to automize repetitive tasks and leave room for more creativity in ads.

Our mission is to unlock limitless creativity all over the world.

Here, at Creatopy, we all share five main values that guide us through this journey to accomplish our mission. We mean technology, so we consume tech news, and we are always up to date with the latest trends in innovation. It’s our passion!

We are team players. Therefore we belong to this A-team of beautiful minds and open hearts, always learning from each other. This involvement helps departments evolve, and we concluded that we care about delivering the best client experience, constantly developing the best solutions for our clients. 

Requests are not always that easy, so we create quality design content to build a premium vibe for every demand. 

Our lovely community is in love with Oradea, the place which inspires our work. We support local communities and initiatives, and we believe in sustainable solutions for businesses.

Anyone who can relate to these values is more than welcome to apply to our open positions and, who knows, maybe we’ll sit at a coffee together.

De ce sa lucrezi cu noi?

The people behind Creatopy are professionals with strong backgrounds. From programmers to designers, they collaborate to make our customers live unique creative experiences every time they access the platform.

We empower professional development. Therefore, we offer the possibility to go to conferences and workshops! We’re always excited to hear about new trends.

We are constantly learning and sharing information, internal and external. That is why we organize “Creatopy Talks” sessions two times per month, where we all learn from each other. 

But where do we organize these sessions? Our state-of-the-art office, which is the largest office building in Eastern Europe, was built using the Cross Laminated Timber technology.

While we are at the “commodity” topic, a healthy mind in a healthy body is mandatory! We’ll maintain that wellbeing with a wide range of medical services provided by a private clinic.

Talking about internal events, every Friday is fun! We organize internal team member meetings where we participate in various activities to bond.

The fun part is not over. 

It’s time to challenge your teammates to a game of FIFA, Mortal Kombat (the latest version), or take a well-deserved break to relax on the comfiest couch ever.

We do have a great coffee machine, amazing Creatopy mugs, and high-quality coffee to enjoy whenever. 

Daily lunch and fruits on us, monthly nights out, fitness subscription discounts, massage at the office, extra days off—we have everything anyone could need and want!

So why work with us? Because we are the perfect mix between professional and fun

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