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NXP Semiconductors Romania

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At NXP Romania, together, with our talented employees, we accelerate breakthroughs that help to advance the world. We build solutions—not just products—that enhance the capabilities of people, organizations and the world at large. 

Software is at the heart of NXP Romania products.

NXP Romania is a Center of Excellence in Embedded Software Development with 20+ years of history in successful innovation, design and development of software products, with a head count of over 700 and a financial turnover of €38m in 2021.

At NXP Romania, you will develop software solutions for Safe and Secure Mobility in the areas of: Electric cars, ADAS (Adaptive Driver Assistant Systems), Connectivity and Security, all with AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) at the core, solutions for Industrial and IoT by innovating Edge to Cloud and Communication Infrastructure (5G/6G technologies) solutions. Our presence in Romania being is also focused as well on IT service management and customers supply operations.

We are committed to keeping our customers ahead of the competition and helping them introduce breakthrough technologies.

As customer demand for software enablement continues to grow, the team in Bucharest is instrumental not only in maintaining NXP’s industry leadership in software enablement, but also in stretching the boundaries of innovation. 

NXP Semiconductors is a global semiconductor company creating solutions that enable secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world. NXP focuses on research, development and innovation in its target markets. The company has 60 years of combined experience, is present in 30+ countries worldwide, with a head-count of over 30.000 talented employees who design purpose-built, rigorously tested technologies that enable devices to sense, think, connect and act intelligently to improve people's daily lives. By serving 26000+ customers, we accelerate breakthroughs that advance the world through our semiconductor technology leadership.

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- At NXP we take care of our People! 

- Our greatest asset is our people -- a  diverse and talented group of employees who take pride in their work and seize opportunities for excellence.

- Employees advancement in career path is a priority for us. We encourage global collaboration and mentorship to advance your career and boost your personal development.

- Learning and development is a top priority. Our employees benefit from knowledge enhancement, training programs, internal domain specific “schools” (e. g. school of architects, safety school, security school etc), we organize paid internship programs and competitions. 

Our engineers create breakthrough and innovative technology that advance the world. By joining NXP, you will be contributing to an innovative, safer and smarter future through AI/ML  (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) at the edge, automotive safety, connectivity, edge computing, in a much greener and cleaner environment.

- Our compensation and benefits programs are ahead of the market (e.g restricted stock unit plans, ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Program, Employees Engagement Survey, Site Improvement Program, full list below) and designed to attract the best talent and empower our employees to perform to their full potential. 

Flexible work arrangements including remote work option

- We embrace an inclusive culture comprised of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, a transparent culture fostering honesty, integrity and open feedback.

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