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We make a difference.

At Systematic we deliver reliable IT solutions and products which are simplifying critical decision-making and changing lives with every line of code we write. Since 1985, we developed as an international company with a Danish-inspired workplace that focuses on three core business areas: Defence, Healthcare, Digital transformation for the private and public sectors. Our goal is simple - to improve the world with exceptional software.

Today, the company is the largest privately-owned software and systems company in Denmark, with major international companies as partners and solutions sold to customers in 47 countries. We are a community of more than 1000 systemates located worldwide: in our headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark with further offices in Romania, Finland, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, USA and Canada. We are always on the lookout for team-spirited people with an international mindset who strive for excellence in their fields and those who wish to make a difference in their everyday lives.


Systematic Development Center Romania is the second largest Systematic office with more than 120 employees. Established in 2017, our goal has been on consolidating a community of highly skilled professionals responsible for developing and continuously improving our products and solutions for the Defence, Healthcare, Library, and Learning sectors. Our systemates develop products and solutions that impact more than 1 million users worldwide, enabling digital transformation for the public and private sectors.  

In 2021 we are aiming to extend our Romanian team with at least 20 new systemates. Come and join us in our mission to bring a valuable contribution to society through the software we develop! More about our job opportunities HERE.

What we do

We deliver reliable IT solutions and products to multiple industries:

  • Defence
  • Healthcare
  • Digital transformation for private and public sector (Library and Learning, Renewable energy). 


We supply the defence industry with reliable and user-friendly IT solutions that provide a clear overview of the situation. Our software products and services strengthen the capabilities of our clients within Land and Maritime Command & Control and Military Messaging. We base these capabilities on 30 years of experience and close cooperation with Defence forces from 45 nations.

As part of the team, you will have a key role in extending and delivering our SitaWare C4I and IRIS messaging suites for defence customers globally. You will be working closely with our customers to design and develop new features and roll out mission-critical systems that create value by simplifying decision-making. Development takes place in an agile and experienced scrum environment where we are working with project teams in Bucharest and internationally. The technology stack used in the Defence department is:

  • Backend technologies ranging from.NET to Java EE and functional programming in Scala;
  • Frontrun in Angular, Typescript, Javascript, Bazel;
  • Building locally through Gradle, build pipelines in Teamcity;
  • Security handled through Keycloak;
  • Running locally or inside Docker containers, orchestrated through Docker; Compose or Kubernetes;
  • Database in SQL Server 2019;
  • Android development.


We write code that saves lives, no doubt. The Columna e-health solutions support employees, patients, and relatives throughout a citizen’s complete health journey. With a shared platform as the foundation, the solutions create coherence in citizens’ treatment plans across sectors, specialties, and geography. This provides security, transparency, and overview for all users.

Within the Healthcare unit in Systematic, we deliver products in the Columna-portfolio but also regional or national projects within the healthcare sector. You will be part of an agile and self-motivated project team with over 100 skilled colleagues in total (both from Bucharest and Aarhus offices), where you will have responsibility for a broad range of tasks. All teams are full-stack and work together supporting development on web, Android, and IOS.

In developing distributed solutions that need to be highly available, scalable, fault-tolerant, and integrated with a multitude of 3rd party systems, we rely on technologies such as:

  • containerization and orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes;
  • integrations through Apache Camel;
  • service backends on top of JBoss;
  • frontends developed with Angular;
  • security handled by Keycloak.

For our projects, we use Git and BitBucket for source control, TeamCity for our CI/CD pipelines, and Atlassian JIRA with Confluence Wiki for applying the Systematic software development methodology in our daily work.

Library and learning

We design integrated and innovative library and learning IT solutions that strive to bring libraries and educational institutions to the next level of digitalization. Together with our colleagues in Bucharest and Denmark, you will be responsible for developing the educational products and platform for the Danish and Swedish schools and libraries, using and adapting the Systematic development process to ensure that the application is of the highest quality. The solutions we are providing for the library and learning sector are named Cicero and MoMo.

The team brings to the table many different roles: developers, testers, scrum masters, release managers, UX engineers, architects, product owners, and project managers. The products suite is diverse and so is the technology stack:

  • Web apps using Angular 11
  • TypeScript
  • Microservice architecture server-side
  • Java EE platforms
  • Docker.  

    De ce sa lucrezi cu noi?

    Be part of our blue community

    People matter - We have a motto saying 'Better train people and risk they leave than do nothing and they stay". Our ability to generate innovation and renewal from within and to remain two steps ahead of the pack is crucial to Systematic's success. With a career in Systematic, you are encouraged to work internationally and continuously gain new knowledge and develop new competencies.

    Systematic’s core values:

    • Making a difference – a creative company that stands out from the crowd;
    • People-centric – our company is built on personal and professional integrity;
    • Freedom with responsibility – we believe and trust in people;
    • Contributing to society – we contribute to the advancement of the places we call home;
    • Cost-conscious – we use our resources wisely.

    Development & Career path:

    Depending on your career goals, you can develop in different directions. You can either choose to become an expert in the industry by developing on a path where you develop a broad pallet of skills or you can choose the leadership career path. We are also encouraging internal mobility where you can grow your skills set and engage with multiple teams while discovering new solutions and technologies.

    In Systematic we believe that ongoing professional development is crucial for the well-being of our employees. Our approach to development is based on ensuring life-long learning for the benefit of both employees and the company.

    We are inviting all colleagues to development talks to discuss their career aspirations twice a year and monthly to one-to-one alignment meetings with their managers. The outcome of such talks includes mutually agreed-upon plans for development, activities that match each employee’s particular capabilities and passion, as well as the overall Systematic strategy. We offer a range of different activities to help implement all this, from formal classroom teaching and mentoring to knowledge networks and on-the-job training.

    Perks and benefits

    What do we offer? An informal working environment with a flat hierarchy, where we focus on our employees and their well-being. Systematic's Bucharest office is a rapidly growing company, which means that we are developing and changing, giving you the opportunity to grow together with us.  

    • Competitive salary with a flexible benefit package
    • The complexity in our solutions: You work on new and innovative technology
    • A continuous learning environment where individuals can tailor their tasks beyond the job description, allowing them to grow and develop along with the organization
    • Comfortable conviviality with feelings of work-life balance and commitment to bring a valuable contribution to society
    • A collaborative culture based on mutual trust and support within team members
    • An international company that encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration across borders
    • A Danish inspired workplace: applying the Hygge concept both for our community and workspace

    But it gets even better:

    • Up to 23 vacation days, 21 days standard to which 2 more days can be added if you have more than 10 years of work experience;
    • 3 sick days per year for all employees;
    • A flexible benefit program - you can mix your benefits choosing from different kind of Services on a very dynamic platform – Benefit Online, such as:
      • Private medical subscription - you can choose from 3 providers;
      • Private pension;
      • Meal and vacation vouchers;
      • Many more available on the platform.
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    Experiență interviu
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    Neutră 33.33%
    Negativă 33.33%
    Ofertă interviu
    Acceptat 8.33%
    Refuzat 16.67%
    Nicio ofertă 75%
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