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Verint Bucharest - About Us

Verint Bucharest provides leading technological and methodology products for Cyber Security and Web Intelligence, and offers multiple dedicated solutions, that combine to provide actionable intelligence across the intelligence spectrum.

Verint’s office is located in the lively Astoria Business Center, in the heart of Bucuresti, next to Piata Romana.

Our stylish high-tech offices employ 70 experienced and intelligent minds from different areas of software development. Our teams are curious about new technology possibilities and will stop at nothing to explore them in their drive to make a positive impact and make the world a safer place.

Even though our teams work hard, we also recognize that even brilliant minds need to relax occasionally during the day – and that’s why we put space aside for relaxation corners where our teams can get together to socialize with gaming areas, drink coffee and take time out -  it’s also an inspiration hub where our teams get inspired with new mind-blowing solutions to shape the cyber world.

And, if you love to learn and further your knowledge, we have training rooms where our employees can learn about the latest technologies. Our internal mobility program has also been successful in helping our employees to move on to new challenges within the company.

Celebrating our employees’ top life events is important to us, which we mark with gifts and vouchers. National holidays and local events also do not pass unnoticed – we like to celebrate!

We are always on the lookout for employees who want to leave a lasting mark.  We love extraordinary and motivated people who can stretch themselves beyond the limits of their expertise, but also care about the people they work with as well as our customers.

At Verint, we use all kinds of development languages, Java, C++, C# .NET, Angular, QA team and Integration team, who are all responsible to developing and delivering E2E solutions to our customers.

Hiring Process

Our hiring process includes several steps. So climb aboard and let’s get to know each other.

The first step will be an introduction through an informal virtual meeting, where we’ll be able to learn more about you – you’ll also be encouraged to ask any questions you have about us. We’ll then want to hear about your amazing professional skills and how you feel you’d fit into the team.

Then, we’ll proceed with a home test, relevant to your position. If you’ll be up for the challenge, we’ll meet once more to discuss the actual position, and find out more about what you love doing in your position. You’ll also meet management, they get excited about meeting new curious people.

About Verint Cyber Intelligence

For over 20 years, Verint has been a global leader in providing security and intelligence data mining software that helps governments, critical infrastructure organizations, and enterprise organizations to neutralize and prevent terror, crime and cyber threats.

As a leader in Intelligence Domain Expertise, Verint employs experienced professionals from across the globe for its operational and technological levels (operators, analysts, investigators, field operations and technological innovators). Our deep domain experts apply their understanding of evolving intelligence challenges and apply them to the operational and technological design and development of Verint products.

Traded on NASDAQ, Verint employs over 6000 professionals in its 16 global offices. During the last decade, Verint has invested over a billion dollars in its seven global R&D divisions – and has over 1000 registered patents to protect our groundbreaking technology.

Verint serves in excess of 400 security agencies in over 100 countries and has deployed thousands of successful intelligence projects.

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