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    165 Splaiul Unirii, TNO2 Building, 6th floor, 3rd district, București 030133

Prezentare Zitec

We are Zitec - A growing team of 230+ people passionate about technology. 

Employer of the Year for 3 years in a row.  The award is proof of the passion that guides the team. Our team is involved in community issues through blood donation campaigns, #cei1024, or pro bono projects.

We have common hobbies such as sailing, football, running marathons, tennis. And we participate in dedicated competitions where they win prizes.

We have our own beer - White rabbit - and our own band - ziBand - that sings about our projects, clients, and colleagues. We know that where there is no fun, there is no game. And we live by this every day.

Last but not least, we're not just having fun, we are a team of certified specialists by global partners such as Google, Microsoft, AWS, and Facebook. Our team has successfully delivered over 650 projects in more than 20 countries, covering industries such as FinTech, Tourism & Hospitality, Education, Retail & Distribution, Logistics & Transportation, and e-Commerce.

All of the above are things that have brought us long-term partnerships with companies like Sameday, STMicroelectronics, PayU, UNIC, The Fundworks, Credit Europe Bank, Decathlon, Porsche, The Wine Society, Sandton, or Network One Distribution. Partnerships based on trust, attention to detail, and a tailored approach to clients’ needs to fulfill their organizational missions.

We are driven every day by the courage to explore uncharted territories. The unknown dares us to put our creativity to work, turning new ideas into cutting-edge projects. 

We love Technology -

Wondering what a day at work will look like?

It's up to you where you drink your morning coffee or tea: at home or in the recreational spaces we have at the office. 

Your day could include: a daily stand-up meeting, a relaxing break in our office fun-room, a company meeting, solving a problem on a client's project, helping a colleague with a solution on his task, a good joke said by a colleague or a meme sent on the internal communication group, a coding session, a brainstorming, an after-hours beer with the team, a meeting with the client, celebrating success on a project, requesting help from the team on a specific task, having an "AHA" moment, a philosophical discussion, a challenge you say yes or no to or anything else that can be fun and challenging.

De ce sa lucrezi cu noi?

If you:

  • Are tech-savvy,

  • Want to join a friendly and enthusiastic team,

  • Seek a feedback culture team where collaboration and communication are essential pylons,

  • Want to find a place where your professional and personal development have a well-defined plan,

  • Are looking for a place where curiosity, creativity, and courage are part of a clear-cut ecosystem,

  • Cherish the attention given to wellbeing improvement

  • Think that where there is No Fun, there is No Game.

...well, you should take a peek at our Careers Page, because we have something interesting!


Do you want to find out more? Just drop us a line!

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