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Our research analysts are defined by their intellectual curiosity, passion for technology, and entrepreneurial spirit. While we do not require prior work experience, all successful research analysts demonstrate 1) strong academic performance at a top university, 2) established interest in technology and business, and 3) self-starter mentality and ability to thrive in an unstructured work environment

Team matters to us- You will work as an integrated member learning about the type of companies that make sense for your team. Your contribution to your team will be an important criterion in evaluating your success.

We expect excellence- the company has a tradition of hiring the best and the brightest. You will be pushed hard in a competitive environment to show that you can learn rapidly and that your thinking can evolve. The bar is high, but if you can succeed, you will be rewarded for your contribution.
Learn by doing- We will train you and give you what you need to start your journey. But, ultimately you need to be comfortable working independently and be self-motivated. Every interaction internally and externally is an opportunity for you to learn. Analyst appreciate an environment where they are not micro-managed and can chart their own path to success.

Do you love entrepreneurs? If you want to be an entrepreneur, start your own business. But, if you want to figure out what makes a successful business and how to help entrepreneurs win, then we could be right for you. Our goal is to find great businesses with great talent and then partner with them to help them succeed.

Working hard is just the beginning- We work hard. Long hours and demanding work is the norm. But, we also think you should be able to have fun with the people you work with on a daily basis. There is a regular schedule of social events and outings throughout the year, where you will begin to appreciate that it is the people that make the company.

We like winning and people who want to win, but… we like to win and that is integral to our culture. We also want competitive people who simply can’t stand losing. But, we also have a reputation as an ethical company that can be trusted. We expect no less from everyone who works with us.