Descriere job has grown from a Romanian start-up into a company with over 400 employees and successfully open 5 branches in Europe (Kiev, UK, France, Germany, Bulgaria).
We offer IT consulting in the area of software services to our partners that do not have the technical skills set in-house and need additions to their current teams. We are operating on a wide range of technologies and industries.
At you will come across friendly people and a relaxed atmosphere every day. RINFers are eager to learn from each other, explore and reinvent the world of technology. We have an inspiring place to share ideas and build amazing things together.

What you will be working on

The Mission:

The project will mitigate the current architecture
Get logic from AMS (account management system) and also prepare the payment systems for the future
Multiple systems playing unnatural roles, sometimes the same like AMS’ and BLs as OMs and PEs
Duplicated PE capabilities in multiple systems
Duplicated settlement functionality - Both core systems connected to the gateways
Common services - payments storage, validation and enrichment, archiving
Order fulfillment - format adapter, scheduling, routing
Reference data management – accounts and mandates validation, routing table
Monitoring, reporting and exception handling - transactions monitoring and alerting, audit and logging, management reporting.

It is modular, highly scalable (both vertically and horizontally) and resilient. Built for high throughput, self-healing, concurrent, on open standards (AKKA, Scala, JVM, Kafka) with reusability and pluggability in mind

What you offer us

Solid understanding of Scala or other functional programming languages
The strong foundational knowledge and ability to adapt to new technologies and paradigms that are often found in development experts are considered more important than most missing nice to haves in this list
Experience working with the JVM
Experience building high throughput, low latency, real time, scalable & resilient systems
Experience with Typelevel Cats, Akka, Akka Streams, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Azure Devops, SQL Server, Kafka, Cassandra, Linux a big plus
Experience working within Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment processes
Understanding of the benefits of testing & discipline towards these practices
Good communication skills, awareness towards emotional intelligence factors and excellent ability to speak & write English

What we offer you

Flexible working environment
Learning budget and platforms
Wide variety of projects you could be part of
Bonding and drinking events
Medical subscription
HR representative to guide you in your professional career development
Flexible benefits platform

Our recruitment process

HR Discussion
Technical interview

Meet us

If you are still unsure, we are inviting you to come by anytime for a tour of our office without any commitment.
*All applications are strictly confidential. We will not disclose any private information without having your approval.