We are in the process of changing, modernizing and consolidating our infrastructure, systems and deployment practices.

We are a global unified telecommunications company and, as such, we have a global infrastructure comprising of multiple physical data centers and AWS/Cloud regions. We are looking for someone up to the challenge to help us bring order, high availability, and consistency across what we do on the data & database management side. 

The ultimate goal is to help us build shared infrastructure services and automate everything from a data services point-of-view, whether it’s a database, NoSQL, or something that holds data to be consumed by others. We’re looking at migrating our infrastructure to Kubernetes so everything should be done in Kubernetes as much as possible.


  • You’ll help drive, implement, support and maintain data services used by 8x8. At first, the focus will be on MySQL and Oracle however there is a strong desire to add other data platforms such as Hadoop, DynamoDB, Cassandra, Kafka, Redis, etc.;
  • Automate provisioning of data-services backends;
  • Define best practices, work with application teams on best practices and ensure they are followed. Teach others how to do the right things. Automate everything;
  • Enable self-service as much as possible via automation so that application teams can do what they need without you, focus on the engineering aspect primarily;
  • Automate schema updates/migration via common pipelines and pattern to be used by application teams in their deployment processes;
  • Help drive migrating legacy data-platforms to new platforms. Both on-premise datacenters and in the Cloud;
  • Help automate the automated deployment, CI / CD of all of our services in a consistent and reliable way to production, at scale;
  • Develop monitors and build alerts around error conditions and performance. Ensure testing of everything done by you and the team;
  • Be expected to learn new things and technologies as needed;
  • Be on call when needed to support the infrastructure and our systems.


  • Experience in MySQL and Oracle administration including design, installation, patching/upgrade, configuration, monitoring, performance tuning, and troubleshooting;
  • Strong development/automation skills. Must be very comfortable with reading and writing Shell and  Python code;
  • Experience provisioning systems and applications programmatically;
  • Experience managing Linux system is required, at scale;
  • Experience with Chef / Ansible;
  • Experience automating from dev to production the push of services to production.

Big Plus

  • Experience with Cassandra, Kafka, DynamoDB;
  • Kubernetes and best practices around it;
  • Experience with Terraform.

If you're interested in this role we'd be excited to hear from you. You can apply here or on our career page.